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Secure online payments may be made using Mastercard and VISA. Please select the type of payment you wish to make.

You may add multiple payments if required by repeating this process prior to submitting them for processing.

Devices running older operating systems/browsers may not be compatible with the online security features and issues may be experienced. It is suggested that you upgrade to the latest operating system available for your devices, and the latest updates for your preferred browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.

This service is not compatible for Apple users (iPhones and iPads) using iOS 12 and below, and Mac users using iOS 10.14 and below. Please don't use this service if you can't access your device's latest updates.

A complete list of available payment options is detailed in the notice you are paying. Alternatively, to make payment over the phone or to ask a question about this service please contact our Customer Service team at 131-872.

NOTE: When paying as a Registered User all electronic receipts shall bear the name of the Registered User. Otherwise, Customer Name shall be "Public".

Pay your Rates or Water notices here.
 Payment TypeDescription
Rates/Water PaymentsSelect item to pay for your Rates or Water notice, and click Next to continue.
Pay your Infringements here.
 Payment TypeDescription
Parking OffencesSelect item to pay for parking offences (e.g. expired meter, exceeding time limits, etc.).
Animal OffencesSelect item to pay for animal offences (e.g. unregistered, wandering animals, etc.).
Development OffencesSelect item to pay for development offences (e.g. pool fencing, plumbing, building work, etc.).
Environmental and Other OffencesSelect item to pay for environmental and other offences (e.g. food standards, litter, pollution, local laws, etc.).
Biosecurity OffencesSelect item to pay for biosecurity-related offences (e.g. failure to comply with biosecurity order, etc.).
Pay your Animal Registration Fees here.
 Payment TypeDescription
DogsSelect item to pay for your dog registration renewal fees.
Pay your License Renewal Fees here.
 Payment TypeDescription
Licence Renewal Fees PaymentsSelect item to pay for license renewal fees.
Pay your Facility Booking Fee here.
 Payment TypeDescription
Facility Booking Fee PaymentSelect item to pay for your facility booking fee.
Pay your Debtor Invoices here.

 Payment TypeDescription
Debtors Invoice PaymentsSelect item to pay for debtors invoices.

Pay your Development Application Fees here.
 Payment TypeDescription
Application FeesSelect item to pay for your development application fees.